devourtheflesh: show me the manga bae you have. show us the bae. give us the bae.

OKAY OKAY. Here’s a lil’ fullbody preview but tumblr resizes things so it’ll lose quality w/e.


credit to connorkawaii for the multicolored jacket idea ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  1. natesdonutshop said: Holy shit Feli she looks so awesome!
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  3. jagzilla said: well look at who i’m drawing tonight
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  5. connorkawaii said: I legit want that jacket IRL fml FUTURE MERCHANDISE IDEA
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  8. blood-crypt said: omg what a babe
  9. devourtheflesh said: #90s Velcro Shoe Hero
  10. atomicantcami said: I can see future fanarting. that is when she’s finished. For the sake of that jacket and THOSE SHOES <3
  11. shipnip said: I am legit hyped for this.
  12. asynca said: I read that as “Gay Man” :3