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Orange is the New Black cast for Entertainment Weekly (May 2, 2014)

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Little Tomb Raider.

…What a coincidence, anon. Me too.

funnily enough I started reading the paragraph and thought about you instantly like, ”yes the anon has to be talking about my girlfriend because this description fits 100/10” except then they said 98% physically perfect and I was like nah that’s off by 2% nvm.


— Anonymous: Omg lemme tell you about my Tumblr crush I feel like you'd appreciate it she's like one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen (probably in my top 10) and even though she's only like 98% physically perfect there's just something about her. She practically shines. And she has an amazing sense of humor and I laugh at every one of her posts, and she's super super talented. And despite all that she's one of the nicest person I know AND her name is a perf blend of cute and BA. It's Feli uvu

i’m gonna i’m goNNA i did not see this coming when i first started reading, you flatter me too much. ;v; thank you, this was really sweet.

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sniperct: It's worth buying the rest. Comics always have slow starts and issue three is really excellent. 1 and 2 really need to be read together IMO. They're lackluster separate. 3 stands out on its own really well with really good character moments and callbacks. Which is bad because you really need a stellar first issue to draw people in, but it's been pretty good. It's definitely hitting it's stride.

I suppose I’ll give in and buy ‘em soon then, I trust you when you say it’s been picking up since the first issue. Thanks for the insight, you’ve convinced me.

EDIT: bless you Lake (sweetnsourlcm) for letting me read from your account. <3

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— Anonymous: So how was your day?

My day was stupidly busy and I hate time zones and conflicting schedules a lot lemme tell you, sigh.

But hey I got to doodle Goku in goofy styles during class at least:

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They say only the Inquisitor has the power to stop it…

areyouchamuyatingme: Wait, so are you from Argentina o:?

yes, and judging by your tumblr URL you are as well ahah.

choose your Inquisitor



— Anonymous: I've realised that if you were to ever disappear from tumblr, I wouldn't know what to do with my day. I spend so much time looking at everything you post. I'm on and off tumblr all day seeing if you've posted anything new. My friends keep asking me what I'm doing haha I've spent so much time looking that I've had to turn data off on my phone for the rest of the month so I don't run out... Haha thanks for being so entertaining. Please never go away.

I’m so happy you find me entertaining enough to spend that much time on my blog, it’s extremely flattering, considering I mostly reblog things and add dumb tags to them ahah. I’m not planning on going away, and were I ever to take a break it’d be for good reason and only temporarily, don’t worry friend. :>

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