im not actually dead i’m trying to design shit

(i’m still on hiatus)

jennyr0ck: I didn't know you had a girlfriend =o


i do and she's a beautiful talented jerk [deep homo sigh]

you big gay pile of mush i’m gonna destroy you.

Anonymous: I'm just throwing this out there but I think you're utterly beautiful and I was wondering if you would let me put googly eyes on your stuff? (That's not a euphemism)

get out graham

Anonymous: It's a private little thingy I think, the ask to Asynca, which you then commented on, so I'm not going to reblog it. But I wanted to say that is a damn good message - I want to scream it from the fucking mountain tops, and I think it should be. This site is just rampant with people who try to label themselves and others way too quickly (not realizing it is both restrictive and objectifying, respectively), and it's just ... it's very nice to see you two setting that shit straight. Rock on. \m/,

I’ve had a chock-full of people, close friends trying to tell me what I am and what I’m not and what I like and what I don’t as if they’re inside my head, which was extremely unwelcome. 

Some people like labels, some don’t, and I think as long as someone is happy that is all that matters tbh.

(´∀`) bless.

Anonymous: hey so I notcied feli is pan and she's got a strong preferrence for women I think she said and that got me to wondering if that's normal for pans? Do they normally have a preferrence?


I can’t speak as the voice of ‘pans’ because I don’t even use that word to describe myself!

Also it’s kind of weird answering questions for Feli, so hopefully she’s not too uncomfortable about me speaking to this point. 

What is normal for someone and what they’re happy with is what’s normal. Sexuality is something that’s very difficult to accurately describe using only the labels that exist, so I don’t see any problem at all with her saying she’s pan when she’s attracted to everyone and only dates women.

Most importantly, though, even if I did see a problem with it, it’s still none of my fucking business to try and dictate to her how to describe her sexuality. 

Like I said, with labels being limited and sexuality being a changing spectrum for many people who find out something new that they’re attracted to at any given point, at the end of the day like Asy said, what’s normal is what makes you happy. :>

Anonymous: Sorry, I know you're on hiatus but I just have to tell you that you just got me really confused bout my sexuality because I also think people of any gender can be attractive but I'd only date girls. So am I pansexual or whaaaaaaaat... confusing.

I could attempt to help you here by saying something like ”pansexual homoromantic” but it’d be absolutely out of place because you don’t need to label yourself if you don’t want to (I literally only do it for ”easier understanding” when it comes to telling people what I prefer, and even then if I use the term ”pansexual” in real life people are like ”what” so I just tell them I’m a bisexual who only wants to strictly be in relationships with girls or I just go ”I’m gay” and let it be the end of it)

 sexuality is a spectrum, you like who you like and that should be pretty much it! I’m sorry I confused you hah.

Anonymous: you say you're a pansexual but you wouldn't date a guy? :(

I can find certain men sexually attractive, but I would not get involved with one when it comes to relationships. I can be sexually attracted to pretty much anyone, nonbinary people, trans people, etc.

But when it comes to commitment and what I generally want for myself, I get the most fulfillment, both sexually and emotionally, from girls. 

Anonymous: would you ever date a guy?

honestly? no.

Anonymous: do girls just throw themselves at u on the streets or wat like wats wit the V

oh no that is not how it works.

infact at first girls don’t even believe me when they find out I’m strictly into women which is a bit sad.

Anonymous: do you work out?

yes, I do 2-3 hours a day 3 times a week of weight training/cardio circuits.

i don’t know what happened but i’m thankful

(there you go anon)

Anonymous: how did puberty treat you? i'd love to see a before and after! (i bet you were a really cute kid haha)

I was a rather ugly child, to be honest. Since early on I was blind on one eye and my mom made me wear the ugliest glasses you could ever think of hah. I was this chubby kid with glasses that were too big for her head and a bowlcut. I guess I can post a comparison.

I had my cool kid moments tho.


neme-sism: If you got sent to jail, I wouldn't be able to flirt with you, so you don't have to worry about that. You're just too attractive for your own good.

I’m not hardcore enough to get sent to jail anyway I don’t think but, thank you! ;v;

neme-sism: Even though there's probably a major age difference, knowing you prefer girls makes me wanna flirt with you tons. Oops.

is this a ploy to get me sent to jail.

I cannot believe this

I can n ot believa t

Anonymous: when was the last time you had sex with a girl?

what’re is a  sex